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Unique creations and signature specials that make Mantovani different from other gelato stores.



Customer has more than 11.5 millions of different ways to personalise his ice cream.
An exclusive patent.

In 2005 invented and patented, this new way to serve ice cream personalising it in real time, so gluttony desires become reality…


The best ingredients only to make ice cream and to serve it directly on the cone or cup in 3 moves:

  • to choose stuffing

  • to choose topping-cream

  • to mix on cold steel plate, in real time, in front of Customer.



Milk shakes & Milk shakes mix®

Few calories, taste, freshness, many vitamins.
A snack or a meat with quality. 
Milk shakes.


Mantovani’s milk shakes are a healthy way to allow yourself a moment of pleasure in the form of a light snack, starting from only 160 calories.


We use only the highest quality ingredients - fresh fruits and fresh milk (in 500 cc glasses).

Milk shakes Mix.


Our milk shakes are prepared with:

  • One of our many delicious pastries

  • Fresh whole milk

  • Artisanal gelato

In addition: We do not use artificial flavouring, dry milk, or lyophilised products.

Ice cream brioches 

A balanced breakfast.
Soft and fragrant brioche with our artisanal gelato - the perfect marriage.


When a soft and fragrant brioche, slightly warmed, meets high quality gelato, the marriage on the palate is sublime - a euphoria of taste and delicate contrast. The brioche is cut and filled with gelato, and a cream supplement complements this little masterpiece. Perfect for a light snack or as a delicious breakfast. 

Only 73 Kcal per 100 gr.
It satisfies needs of a consumer always more careful to its wellness.


Mantovani yogurt has a natural and velvety taste, it can be enriched by stuffing and creams by giving Customer a wide choices. Wellness here is absolutely foreground, to satisfy consumer’s needs, that, about nutrition, he is more and more careful to his health, without renouncing to the taste. Only 73 cal. per 100 grams of products, a yogurt made with whole milk and milk enzymes, creamy with an intense taste, only for true experts.  With stuffing and pieces of fruits it can substitute meal and snack.


Fresh fruits juice only.
Few calories, taste, freshness, many vitamins. A snack or a meat with quality. 


​​Mantovani fruits juice are a healthy way to allow oneself a moment of pleasure or a healthy snack, starting from 160 cal. only. By using only fresh ingredients, fresh fruits and dairy milk if required, Mantovani offers a product genuine and healthy with few calories, a great taste and many vitamins. In every point of sale it is enough to ask what daily fresh fruits are, to specify if you want to add few milk, daily and or very light, refreshing by ice only, to allow oneself a mix of energy and health!

Fruit juice

Fresh fruits salad only.
Fruits salad, a concentrate of health with no preservatives thanks to Mantovani fantasy.


Mantovani only uses fresh fruits (with no pasteurisation and preservatives) to vouch for the most genuine supply of natural antioxidant, fibres, vitamins, mineral salts. Apple, pear, orange, kiwi, pineapple, grapes, melon, watermelon, peach and much more fresh fruits peeled and cut by hands into slices, washers, big cubes to create a genuine fruit juice. Loving personalisation, fruit juice can be served also with yogurt or ice cream, a more nourishing variable for a break full of energy and above all health.

Fruit salad

Water, sugar and fruit.


Considered one of progenitor of ice cream, slush is a frozen spoon dessert, typical of Sicily.

Traditional interpretation of Mantovani respects preparation process with:



fruit juice chosen by Customer

it lends a taste delicate and fresh to its granular texture (from which its name is born). It is a product very consumed during hotter days of summertime thanks to its well-known refreshing and thirst-quenching capacity.


Seasonal Special: Panettone

“Le Specialita” (Specialties) are creations born in the workshop of Maestro Mantovani, distinguished by their high quality, particularity, and exclusivity to Mantovani’s. These are our flagship selections, little gifts of sweetness and creativity for you, our customers.


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