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We produce a variety of traditional Italian pastries to compliment our specialties. s.


The right energy in the morning.


Energize your morning with this small pleasure. This pastry is stuffed with jam and cream or chocolate.

The classic Italian dessert.


Cakes come in many shapes and forms. While there exist many popular variations, Italians prefer simple, unadulterated versions. Served in a tray or slices, we carry cakes such as truffle, tiramisu, profiteroles, caprese, and ricotta cake, created to help you appreciate life’s sweeter side.


Ricotta from Palermo.


Cannoli are one of the most iconic specialties of Sicilian pastry-making, with considerable popularity not just in Italy, but the rest of the world. The cannoli stands as a paramount of the Italian pastry-making art.

Sicilian cannoli


Perfect during all the year..


Crepes is a typical French food very appreciates everywhere in the world;  anyway its diffusion in little take-away shop has given it a taste more and more flat and ordinary, far from ancient perfumes of French recipe. Mantovani brings you back those perfumes, thanks to a traditional and secret last centuries recipe from Marseille.


Liege waffle.


Mantovani waffles are made according to the Belgian style. Known as gaufres, typical delicacies of Northern Europe, above all in Belgium, today they are known and consumed worldwide.

Cookies for every moments.


Shortbread, biscuits, and short pastries such as baci di dama, canestrelli lingue di gatto, all originating in Italy and created to help start your day in the same vein as the Italian breakfast. Alternatively, these also go well served with tea time, or let’s face it, whenever you need a sweet taste of Italian pastry.



On mood with Tiramisù.​​


Coffee-soaked sponge and biscuits filled with "zambaglione" cream and dusted with a fine layer of cocoa powder. This is the original recipe of the undoubtedly most renowned Italian dessert. A slice of this is a surefire way to brighten your day.


A noble and centuries-old tradition.


During the winter in our stores we offer a sough-after selection of cioccolateria, the most pure and attractive expression of Italian tradition combined with  high craftsmanship of franchised ice cream shops.

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