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Mantovani mission is to be “differents and uniques” on the market. Italian Design and made in Italy gelato, cafè & pastry.


A constant and step-by-step growth. Growing together at the same level. 


To realise this philosophy it must start from the bases:

  1. from tradition that employs excellent raw materials and assures a great result;

  2. from the same production process used by ancient ice cream makers, this gives an aboslute certainty about the excellence of the final result.


To do this, there is no short path. There is no limit in time, it is a progressive costant growth. 




About franchisee, it consists of creating artinans (link), of teaching an antique and noble ice cream art through workshops with a complete production cycle (pasteurizer and batch freezer) not simple ice cream sellers. These two equipment allow to obtain many advanteges in terms of competitiveness, quality and profitability, different from any franchising.


About final customer, both giving the opportunity to taste the “real” (link) artisanal ice cream and realising his own wish of creativity. Mantovani skillfully searches for products of high quality and raw materials coming from our territory, in order to overcame the excellence.

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