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Open the laboratory and show it to customers.


The Mantovani and affiliates laboratory is not hidden from public view. On the contrary, it is open and offer accommodate the consumer different events like tasting, school, and education. Opening the laboratory means not hiding anything. This, and “made in Italy, make up our winning philosophy making the consumer aware of what they eat.

Mantovani has researched an equilibrium point for years until arriving to a formula of qualitative excellence, today this allows to export in Italy and in the world a franchising concept unique in its category which nobody has ever risked before, because it remains firmly linked to tradition and artisanal production.

Mantovani refuses every mass-production or industrialisation of productive process; it takes advantage of research that draws from nature ingredients improving the quality of our ice cream, for example through the use of fibers, without transgressing main steps of complete production cycle of made in Italy artisanal ice cream.

“Creiamo artigiani” (“we create artisans”) is Mantovani Academy maxim, where productive philosophy is proudly transferred to our franchisees, in order to  give them back their own ice cream shops to Mantovani trademark with a complete training of high ice cream and gelato-pastry-making.

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