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Gelato pastry

Creativity no limits. Some examples.

The ice cream pastry is one of the strengths of the production, the result of a patient craftsmanship, they are highly appreciated by the large Italian citizen public and still little known abroad and in areas of the province. Examples are the cones of crispy waffle with ice cream tastes Hazelnut, Chocolate, White, Coffee, Chocolate Kiss and covers; the bon bon, delicious praline of milk ice cream covered in dark chocolate; sicilian little cannoli stuffed with fresh milk gelato and topping parfait of chocolate drops.

Mignon,                                    the most wanted.
Ice cream cakes,                             realised with ice cream semifreddo, 

A mousse hotter and more delicate to palate. Refined and wisely decorated, many of Mantovani creations have bases of chocolate and biscuit; elegant shiny glazes and stuffing of crunchy pralines inside. Most of them are cakes with ice cream semifreddo, a muosse hotter to palate and by a delicate taste. Mantovani realises them on orders to satisfy every need and special occasion.

Semifreddos,                               single portion dessert.

"Bacetto". It closes a meal with elegance or grants a break. A perfect mix of tradition, passion and innovation, inspired from the little big masterpiece of Perugina Maestri Cioccolatieri. Maestro Mantovani proposes in semifreddo version a single portion  spoon dessert that astonishes for its  bitter chocolate crunchiness on the outside and for its inside delicate mousse full of chopped hazelnut.

Delicate mousse semifreddo ice cream in the elegant design of our glasses available in both small and large measures. Stuffed with velvety and granelle according to taste, both creams Fruit. Also to order. Available in the display cases in the flavors: Hazelnut, Chocolate, White, Coffee, Cream and Nutella, strawberry, lemon, pistachio, tiramisu.

Mon amor,                                     single portion.
Ice cream sticks,                                 flavours’ tradition and creativity no limits. 

They are  vanilla-flavoured artisanal ice creams on stick signed Mantovani, present in a variety of flavours and chopping immediately catching Customer’s attention, practise to eat and loved from adults and children. In Mantovani points of sale you can often find: hazelnut, chocolate, white, chocolate chop.

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