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The good artisanal ice cream, a meeting of senses. It is a sensory analysis (made by our sense organs) that allows an integrated judgement of every aspect marking an aliment quality.​


Pleasantness of a good artisanal ice cream can be estimated by its colour, look, taste and much more. That is surely a variable and subjective parameter depending on also other psychological and cultural features.  “Product appearance” (reflecting its organoleptic quality) immediately influences perception and it significantly contributes to total quality of product. In the following pages it is possible to examine further ice cream quality made by Mantovani artisanal workshop.

Production of the “real” artisan gelato

Mantovani makes the “real” artisanal ice cream in Italy by the complete production cycle and exports it in the world. Ice cream has a structure and a composition of excellence in respect of the best Italian tradition through high quality raw materials.

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