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Franchising advantage

The only gelato franchise in the world with the complete cycle of gelato production: franchisee has 2 points of sale


Mantovani is the only one franchise having the formula includes pasteurizer and batch freezer.


Ice creams are NOT prepared in italian workshop and sent in frozen packaging, where franchisee adds just water in Batch freezer, so ice cream is ready. This philosophy doesn’t belong to Founders. Franchisee looses in quality, in turnover, in terms of opportunity of increase. Where it is possible, ice cream has to be produced through raw materials and 0 (zero) km.




This allows franchisee to have an independent laboratory.

So, no finished or semi-finished product with the taste lyophilized to which franchisee has to add just water to make ice cream. Our franchisee starts to work from the raw materials to create gelato. This allows the franchisee the laboratory to produce independently of all products gelato and gelato pastry according to the guidelines of the local clientele, like the fruit flavors using in the area. According to the Mantovani formula franchise, the laboratory is the second franchisee's point of sale. The center of production and the point of sale to third parties of the supply channel (bars, restaurants, hotels, catering, ice cream parlors, etc.), and is able to meet all customer needs.

In summary, with our formula it can also be opened only laboratory supplies.


The franchisee has the opportunity to open more stores.

In fact it's very easy to open new shops because they don't need to set up a new laboratory because it is already running the first laboratory so that it can provide additional stores, which in turn will only need storage and fridge storage. The laboratory handcrafted works in complete production cycle (CPC), the raw materials are Mantovani branded, training is carried out by the Maestro Mantovani of Mantovani workshop in Naples. Three types of education: two in the store. The third is in production workshop called. The total duration is approximately 10-15 days. The training is certified in the franchise agreement and is free.


Simplification of productive process.

Thanks to the employment of semi-finished bases already balanced by Mantovani® head office and to the employment of recipes for every single product covered by professional and  trade secrecy; recipes will be transferred and delivered to Franchisee as annex of this  operative instructions only during the development in the workshop.

Our made in Italy products don't suffer seasonal nature of gelato


Transforming the problem of high seasonality in business opportunities. We found the solution that allows you to support the supply / demand market during the winter when some pubs close, extending even in winter versions for the sale of the product. A lien of products from yogurt, Neapolitan cafè & pastry. The competition offers more traditional formulas only selling gelato thus jeopardizing the activity during the winter months. In business terms, the strategy is to diversify the gelato in more production lines to diversify the risks of marketing. 


Do not fear the competition.

This aspect is always overlooked and is a dangerous gap that we have turned into a competitive opportunity. Using our format you get into a unique market position as monopolist actor without fear of competitors

High Profit margin for 1 kg of italian artisanal ice cream. 


This value is the average of the countries with a stable and sound economy. Mantovani combines excellent quality and highest margin. The markup of 1 kg of italian gelato produced with Mantovani raw materials is the highest in the market. With the laboratory, then, you can expand your business with supplies for third parties. Franchise has access to favorable price lists for the supply of raw materials and consumer product  


Return on investment and break even point.

are among the fastest in the market the investment for gelato store set up with laboratory is among the lowest on the market and allows a return in less than 1 or 2 years, considering point of sale in a good location. 


Business opportunities beyond the single store.

We challenge our affiliates to develop in-house production with our franchise to give him more profitability. By providing the format, the quality of the product, training, profitability and very low cost of raw materials branded Mantovani, we urge you to open other direct outlets in areas agreed. We want a partner able to understand our opportunities of developing its business, also thanks to chance on diversifying the offer.


Master Franchise.

A great successful opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.


Format, different areas. All in one for comfortable atmosphere


The format of Mantovani is very innovative. The design is unique, young, dynamic and above all is made in Italy. The square meters of the shop are important because there is a very precise disposition of the spaces. The object to is to give the customer an environment where you can feel comfortable and relaxing.



The laboratory is in sight, so the customer sees the artisan production.

It becomes an important point because it enables the franchise to create public events, tasting new flavors of ice cream and pastry ice cream, just whipped cream tasting, traditional menus. Customers are involved in a different way and have a stronger link with the quality of products. All this is part of Mantovani Academy. Activities to become Ambassadors of the real Italian gelato.


Gelato sales area.

Ice cream display case area, Sell cake area and ice cream  pastry-making, Gelamix plate, stuffing. The picture on the side shows ice cream display case (20-24 flavours), to follow Gelamix plate (Gelatosità license 2005) and plex for stuffing and creams topping’s exhibition. Everything is contiguous and in sequence to facilitate shop assistant’s work and Customer’s choices in view. 


Milk shake and Yogurt sales area.

Immediately on stuffing’s side there is milk shake and yogurt, fruit smoothies, fruit juices, slushes area preparation. In this area there are mixers with silos in plex for snacks that allow a fast making and choice of Stuffing. The same progression for yogurt and preparation. 


Cafè & Pastry sales area.

Mantovani format includes the possibility of expanding the offer of products with corner café. It is a matter of a buvette in harmony with ice cream shop’s layout. It is an ice cream shop that has got a corner inside to serve Custormer who wants  to combine ice cream’s excellency with an Arabica coffee created for Mantovani franchisees. Cappuccino & drinks are tipical products of this area together pastry produtcs. Its placement is in continuous line (straight or at side)with ice cream display case in order to make work simple with a better efficiency on time Customer service.


Sitting and take away area.

The shop of 100 sqm has a sitting area with the possibility of the library to read comfortably favorite texts. The sitting area can comfortably enjoy the products together with other people, friends or family. It can be in the shop and / or out of the store. Or for business meetings. The area is planned take away when the room may not have the sitting area



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