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Our gelato shop was inaugurated with Master Oreste Mantovani winning the Gelato Festival and the popular jury award. There was a presentation for the winning flavor, “Kingdom of the Two Siciles”.


Mantovani franchising is a unique market opportunity. Two questions are of the utmost importance: Why Mantovani? And how are we different from our competitors?


Mantovani’s Franchising Project can be summed up as follows:

  1. Selecting every Franchisor according to meticulous standards of trustworthiness, professionalism, and business acumen supported by an appropriate curriculum vitae

  2. Diffusing Mantovani’s brand (in Italy and abroad) as a synonym for Italian high quality homemade products, linked to a strong, original spirit through partnering with people interested in undertaking a profitable and durable venture

  3. Differentiating from similar franchising networks that work solely for increasing their immediate profits at the expense of service and product quality


Who we turn to?

Aspiring artisan-businessman, Businessman who wants to diversify,

Conversion marketing, Master franchisee 


Mantovani delivers everywhere in the world. The respect of the rules​ will guarantee You a prompt delivery. In Italy and abroad, the deliveries of raw materials to the production workshops are planned according to consumption and the production rhythm of every single shop, to maintain a level of stocks which is consistent with the actual need of the shops. The products and raw materials of the Mantovani brand are transported to our affiliate's workshops, in Italy and all over the world, by the best carriers, professionals able to respect the schedules and to carry out the customs procedures for CPT (Carriage Paid To) deliveries.



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