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Drinks of Mantovani were chosen and designed not only to quench thirst but also to share with someone special, with friends or to a decisive business meeting intimate moments, reserved, of relax, where time stands still for a while and the words softly alternate with slow sips and tasty.
Aperitifs               & cocktails.

"Aperitif time" is a popular ritual in Italy, the aperitivo (in Italian) is one of the most fun moments for many Italians. And it doesn't mean a quick Campari before a meal but those gatherings which can last hours, in front of several Campari or Aperol Spritz. It is so popular because tasty food is served along with drinks.

Italian                wine.


In ancient times, the Italian peninsula was commonly referred to as enotria, or “land of wine,” because of its rich diversity of grape varieties and many acres dedicated to cultivated vines. Italy’s prominence in the global wine industry has in no way diminished despite millennia of history. Mantovani offers the best selection of the italian wines.

     Hot                  chocolate.


It represents one of winter delicacies of Mantovani ice cream store, with a delicate mixture and intense perfume, chocolate is prepared according to an ancient recipe, with no milk, only a lot of good chocolate slowly melted at low heat combined with little inimitable secrets. 



​​A relaxed and cosy atmosphere where tea is served, from a selection among the best tea from all the world, and light sweets, combining mini desserts in glass accompanied by homemade biscuits. 

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