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Cafè & Pastry

The Pinnacle of Italian coffee.
The perfect compliment to our gelato, at once elegant, but never invasive.

Mantovani wants to reach perfection and knows that espresso is a complex alchemy, in which the combination of just a few elements (water, temperature, pressure, coffee) produce a product that is superior and more complex than the sum of its parts. At Mantovani, coffee is served as a creamy espresso with an unmistakable aroma to those who love the pure sensual experience of neapolitan coffee.

Neapolitan cafè.


We at Mantovani believe in giving our customers a place where they have the opportunity to sit down and taste our unique selections, including our exclusive coffee. How is it possible to resist a Neapolitan coffee, a lovely and tasty mixture created exclusively for Mantovani? This is the Neapolitan standard of excellence.



Mantovani is proud to bring you Italy’s signature coffee drink, the cappuccino - traditionally prepared with neapolitan espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam. Typically smaller in volume than a latte, it also has a thicker layer of foam. The name comes from the Cupuchin friars, referring to the colour of their habits, and in this context refers to the colour of the beverage when the milk is added in small portions to the dark coffee.

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