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Paola is the owner/operator. 


You will find her at the store almost every day. Born and raised in Ottawa, Paola’s parents immigrated to Canada from Italy in the late 1950’s arriving by boat to the famous Pier 21 in Halifax. They made their way to Ottawa and settled in what is now called Little Italy.


The name MANTOVANI originates from Napoli Italy where, in 1946 the Mantovani family started in the business. MANTOVANI 1946 IS A LUXURY BRAND OF © GELATOSITA 'srl. Today, Marcella and Oreste Mantovani (siblings) continue the family tradition of excellence. Both are Master Gelato makers. Our training was completed in Italy under the watchful eye of Master Gelato maker Oreste Mantovani. 


Mantovani 1946 Ottawa opened in 2016. It is an authentic Italian Gelato café offering award winning gelato, pastries and Neapolitan Espresso. We import raw ingredients directly from Italy to 87 Murray St. They are sourced in Italy for us by Marcella and Oreste Mantovani. Mantovani skillfully searches for products of high quality and raw materials coming from their territory, in order to achieve excellence.


Our vision is simple:… we draw from a tradition that employs excellent raw materials and assures a great result. From the same production process used by ancient gelato makers, this gives an absolute certainty about the excellence of the final result. 


To do this, there is no short path. There is no limit in time - , it is a progressive, constant growth.


Marcella and Oreste Mantovani

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Our Story

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